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Ganahl Lumber required a functionally focused solution.
Ganahl Lumber needed help turning a facility that once functioned as a car dealership into a highly efficient retail LBM operation. What’s more, the newly acquired 4-acre site had to deliver the same exceptional customer experience and inventory as Ganahl’s other locations five times the size. All this in regulation-heavy, historic downtown Pasadena. CT Darnell’s comprehensive, high-capacity solution built on their proprietary Sunbelt Racks met every one of these challenges head on.
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For 14 years, we’ve been building something really big, and it doesn’t have walls, floors or a roof.
Over the years, we’ve worked with McCoy’s Building Supply to design and furnish rack systems and pre-engineered buildings at 45 of their locations. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about each other and helped McCoy’s create an incredible lumberyard experience for their customers. And, as we were constructing racks and warehouses, we built something even bigger – a 14-year relationship.
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Articles/Press Releases:
CT Darnell Construction Pitches in to Support Austin, TX Area Homeless
By the end of this year, a 27-acre site just outside of Austin, Texas, will provide about 250 homeless people not only with permanent housing but with a true sense of community.
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CT Darnell Construction Celebrates 30 Years of Service.
In 2017 CT Darnell Construction marks 30 years of service to the LBM industry and beyond. The Atlanta-based, family-owned company was founded in 1987 as Sunbelt Rack Storage Systems and has expanded into construction, site planning and design..
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CT Darnell Construction™ Announces New "Stories" Webpage and Videos
CT Darnell Construction, a full-service provider of design and planning, general contracting, and their exclusive Sunbelt Rack systems, has launched a new website featuring "stories." The "stories" webpage provides case studies of the efficiency and functionality challenges an LBM operation faced and the total solution that CT Darnell provided.
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